Top 14 Game Changing Influencers Transforming Our World in 2022 — The Official List

Life becomes much easier and more meaningful when you have someone to look up to and inspire from. We are all struggling in our own ways, but some people go the extra mile and transform the world for the better. Here is a list of 2022’s top 14 influencers and social media icons, in no particular order, who are game changers as they are inspiring people to become a better version of themselves. They are amazing people that you should follow and look up to.

Jamie Villamor

Jamie Villamor, @jamie-villamor, is a famous is famous for her insightful podcast, Dating Intelligence which she co-hosts with Christopher Louis. It is among the top 8% of relationship podcasts worldwide. Her social media sensation is evident from the fact that she is among the world’s top 10 most requested swimsuit and lingerie models. She is a sponsored competitive pistol shooter for Team Armscor. She has appeared on the cover of many notable magazines, including but not limited to cosmopolitan, glamour magazine, and most recently, Marie Claire magazine. This past year she created her first knife, from start to finish, in collaboration with Microtech and Marfionie Customs. Jamie is excited to collaborate with them again in 2023. She is also the owner of Vegas Bows Apparel, dedicated to creating beautiful and…



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