The SLTV Spotlight: Holiday Brand Favorites with Chic Execs

As The Simonetta Lein Show continues its 4th season, the show debuts its newest segment called the SLTV Spotlight, where Simonetta shares some of her favorite brands, products, and deals of the season. For this year’s upcoming holidays she was joined by the lovely Chic Exec’s lifestyle expert, Kristen Wessel, to walk us through some holiday brand essentials. Check them out below!

Holiday Favorites 🎁

Farver Farms, LLC

IG: @farverfarms

Whether you choose their Lentil Crunchers Ready-to-Eat Snacks or their wholesome Lentil Meal Kits, you’ll be eating the same nutritious whole grains Farver Farms serves their own family. Grown on their farm on the prairies of extreme Northeast Montana, processed in their own certified processing facility, packaged in small batches, and packed to ship specially for you, these foods truly are… From their fields to your fork!

Face Foundrié

IG: @facefoundrie

FACE FOUNDRIÉ is an all-inclusive focused facial bar that empowers our customers to look and feel their best. Their goal is to provide efficient and effective services for all things face: facials, lashes, brows, and skincare. They pride themselves in offering an impeccable service experience and strive for 100% customer satisfaction! They aim to be affordable, approachable, and accessible to all.

TickleMe Plant

IG: @ticklemeplant

Grow your own Zombie Plant or TickleMe Plant at home! This sensitive plant will move & close its leaves when Touched or “Play DEAD” when Touched! A perfect gift for kids with a green thumb and any plant lovers for the holidays. Grow your plant indoors all year round! Adult TickleMe Plants can produce sparkling pink flowers!

Nurture by NAPS

IG: @nurturebynaps

From pregnancy through childhood, NAPS™ is a unique program that provides you with personalized support from a trusted and experienced Registered Nurse, who is as approachable and honest as a…

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