The PondHawks “Lighting Up the World”

The innovative top of the popularity indie faction The PondHawks have been brightening the arc of humanity with their songs, including their inspirational warning message “Invisible Stranger.” With a fan base on social media of over 600 thousand, the Chicago based anomaly has been creating a buzz for years. Recognized for their outstanding lyrical stories and their superb harmonies, the duo continue to remain an essential part of the music industry…..

You are a superhero, what are your superpowers and why?

“The Masked Dragonflies”… (What a stretch ‘eh?)… Unfortunately, there are no telephone booths to change into our superhero costumes any longer, but we’d wing it…

We would be able to divert the most bitter of arguments into laughter, love and camaraderie by writing a song about it… >i<

You have just been commissioned to send a message to the world, what is that message?

Hang in there baby!!!!… And also… Never… But NEVER send back your steak at a restaurant… (That’s how floor-hockey was invented…) >i<

The soundtrack of your life was just released, what songs are on it and why? You can’t use any of yours lol…

“The Long And Winding Road” (The Beatles)… Because of the journey that lead us to become musical partners… “I Can See Clearly Now” (Johnny Nash”), Because of the awareness of our destiny as a music-making team that focused on a future that was finally shared… “My Way” (Frank Sinatra), Because we’ve dodged the slings and arrows of big record labels’ demands to “make it mainstream” and yet wound-up on many top charts and Grammy ballots… And finally, “Keeping The Dream Alive”… (Freiheit) Because no matter what the odds against us were, we never gave up… And we never will… >i<

As The PondHawks, what have been your greatest challenges and triumphs?

The PondHawks’ toughest initial hurdle was surviving the implosion of our previous band… Ironically, this was the catalyst which fired us up to achievements such as writing and producing Grammy-Balloted songs and more… In retrospect, we are…

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