Steve Hamm “Rising Star”

Just dubbed Rising Star 2021 by The Hollywood Digest, Steve Hamm has a had a stellar year working at his craft in between his helicopter piloting and his voice over career. Hamm has a promising future in the entertainment industry and I’d predicted to have elevated success in 2021.

I exchanged some intimate questions with him regarding some of personal likes and opinions…..

What is the most trouble that you’ve ever gotten yourself into?

When I was a Private in the Army, I failed to keep my personal weapon secured during a training exercise. It was eventually returned at the end of the day. My punishment was a one weeklong “extra duty” detail which include lots of cleaning and other miscellaneous jobs. Learned my lesson.

The military taught me a lot about discipline and accountability. I am incredibly careful about taking care of important items and situations.

Is there a song or movie that causes you to be emotional every-time you hear or see it?

Song: Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA”

Movie: Adrift



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