Iconic Designer Sue Wong Launches New Venture SUE WONG DESIGNER SIGNATURE HOMES

Iconic Fashion Designer Sue Wong has just launched her new venture, SUE WONG DESIGNER SIGNATURE HOMES. Sue Wong is a Chinese-born American fashion designer best known worldwide for her gown designs with a contemporary twist based on old Hollywood glamour style.

Next up on the designer’s immediate agenda is the restoration work on the new purchase of a beautiful 1928 classic Hacienda style mansion in old historical Hollywood, which the designer plans to lovingly restore with her artistic panache and unique impeccable style. The SUE WONG lifestyle brand is exemplified by Sue’s three distinctive homes which she deems Body, Mind and Spirit. These three homes exemplify SUE WONG distinctive styles: The Cedars — decorated in Period Classic opulence; Malibu — celebrating the ultra-modern and avant-garde; Hawaii — a holistic expression of Asian exoticism, decorated in ancient Khmer/Indonesian/Chinese sensibilities. These three categories lend themselves to a most versatile array in aesthetics and offer many opportunities/modalities in Homeware and Lifestyle.



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