Forbes Top 5 Fashion Influencer Simonetta Lein Featured On Cover Of Fashion Magazine NYC October 2021 Edition

Forbes Top 5 Fashion Influencer Simonetta Lein is the featured celebrity on the cover of the October 2021 edition of Fashion Magazine NYC.

Simonetta Lein is a top model, mega-influencer and celebrity host of the Number #1 short form tv show in the world, The Simonetta Lein Show.

The Simonetta Lein Show is hosted by Celebrity TV Host and Top Woman Influencer Simonetta Lein. The show brings entrepreneurs, influencers, celebrities, and top executives to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.

Simonetta’s prominent profile on Instagram has earned her more than 5.2 million followers, and she continues to grow her following by demonstrating her commitment to making a difference in her adopted city of Philadelphia and all around the world.

Originally from the north of Italy, Simonetta modeled for Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair Italy and Cosmopolitan while building a career as a renowned fashion influencer and spokesperson. She’s been a contributor for Vanity Fair Italy, La Repubblica, and La Voce Di New York, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post. Her Book, “Everything Is Possible: A Novel About the Power of Dreams,” is a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowering her peers and herself.

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