By Stewart Atkinson

Take even a momentary glance at the news and you will notice a lot of bad energy directed at Elon Musk. It seems he’s become one of the world’s most popular targets for outrage.

But the founder of the Space Development Steering Committee and co-founder and co-chair of the Asian Space Technology Summit, Howard Bloom, says that we are blind to what’s really at stake in the story of Elon Musk. And details like how many children he’s had and with whom, his on-again-off-again desire to purchase Twitter, and the reactions of the people who are afraid he will bring back Donald Trump’s Tweets, are distracting us from the real meat of the matter.

Yes, Elon Musk has failings like you and me. But he is changing the relationship between nature and the solar system. He is not just creating new opportunities for humanity, says Bloom, he is opening new frontiers for life itself.

In other words, says Bloom, Elon Musk is creating not just revolutionary change, but evolutionary change. Something seldom accomplished by a mere mortal. But something crucial to nature’s imperative, in the words of Bloom, “to garden the solar system and green the galaxy.”

Explains Bloom, currently, Elon Musk is the only human on this earth who is developing the capability to take us to the moon and Mars to live, settle down, and stay, and to do it in the preciously small amount of time before China reaches the finish line ahead of us.

Warns NASA administrator Bill Nelson in an interview with Germany’s newspaper Bild, “”China is landing on the moon and saying: ‘It’s ours now and you stay out’.” Explains Nelson, China’s space program is a military effort that builds on ideas and technology stolen from others.

Why is this important? According to Bruce Pittman, a member of the Space Development Steering Committee, whoever settles the moon first will dictate “the rules of the road.” Whoever settles the moon first will set the rules by which humanity lives in the late 21st century and beyond. And under China, those rules will be controlled by the CCP, the…

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