COVID Gets Creative

By Howard Bloom

On Monday, April 18th, a judge struck down the federal mandate requiring masks for travel. But five days earlier, the New York Times had come out with a report that made public travel sound suicidal and mask-wearing sound like a necessity. New York State, where I live, was the epicenter for a new coronavirus wave to beat all other waves.

The new wave is powered by three — yes, count them, three — new COVID variants. The first is called BA.2. Until April 13th, BA.2 was the most contagious COVID virus the world had ever seen. It was 40% more infectious than any previous COVID mutant. And it was wreaking havoc around the globe. Then BA.2 was outdone by two of its offspring, BA.2.12 and BA.2.12.1.

And the two new subvariants were 25% more infectious than BA.2, which, remember, just a few weeks ago was the most infectious COVID variant on the planet. By April 26th, BA.2.12.1 had not only outcompeted BA.2, but had become the dominant variant in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. And it had jumped up 47% nationwide in a mere week.

The new subvariants have been detected in nearly every American state and in over 40 countries. Which means this new COVID wave is on its way to you.

This explains why the Department of Health and Human Services recently extended the National Public Health Emergency for 90 days and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tried to extend the mask mandate for travel by an extra two weeks.

There’s a lag between infections and hospitalizations. And an even longer lag between infections and death. So the CDC won’t know whether these new variants cause hospitalization and death until mid-May. Odds are good, however, that the new mutants are far less lethal than the variants that caused up to 4,100 COVID deaths a day in the United States just fifteen months ago.

When it comes to headlines, we’ve long since lost interest in the war with COVID. COVID, however, has not lost interest in us. Close to a million Americans have died of COVID so far. Well over 300 Americans a day are still dying of COVID. And that number could soon go back up.



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