CH2O, INC. — The Master of Drip Irrigation

When it comes to agriculture, irrigation is its backbone, and no one disputes that. The better your irrigation system is, the greater your product yield and quality will be. There are many different irrigation methods, but none are as effective as drip irrigation. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), drip irrigation is one of the most advanced and efficient irrigation techniques used today. A very small proportion of water is evaporated when you use Drip Irrigation. Apart from reducing water consumption, it also reduces fertilizer use significantly. This technique was first discovered by German researchers in 1860 and has since revolutionized irrigation.

There is no doubt that modern-day drip irrigation is extremely effective; however, it has its own problems. This technique of irrigation is subject to plugging and restrictions at the drip emitters, which may completely render it useless. Thanks to CH2O, INC., we now have efficient solutions to this problem. CH2O, INC. has developed products that help in the stabilization of the water flow as well as the nutrients within individual drip irrigation networks. If you are facing the same problem, you can seek help from CH2O, and they will make water work for you! CH2O will look at your water source, water quality, filtration, type of drip systems, and all other necessary variables before prescribing you a product that can help you get rid of this problem.

CH2O, INC., founded by Tom Iverson Senior, is one of the most famous water treatment companies today. They offer customized water treatment solutions based on the needs of their clients. CH2O has a very talented team and extensive laboratory and manufacturing capabilities. The company was formed in 1977 by a group of creative chemists and engineers. The goal was to serve the commercial and industrial water treatment markets. The company is currently run by Tom and Sally Iverson’s four children. In 1993 the company was transferred to Tom’s four children (Carl Iverson, Tom Iverson, Marcia Zuniga, and Carol Adams) and is currently managed by them.

Carl Iverson, the current CEO of CH2O, INC., is taking the company to a whole new level. From…



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