Celebrity Tax Expert Karla Dennis on the Power of Travel for Rejuvenation and Business Deductions

Life can sometimes be incredibly difficult to bear. We all have work to do, and sometimes it just suffocates us. That’s why psychologists and other experts suggest that we travel now and again just for the fun of it. Traveling helps us feel relaxed and relieved. It helps us meet new people and manage our anxieties. In short, it is good for our physical health. However, business people rarely get the chance to travel for fun. Most of their travels are for business purposes. Karla Dennis, the CEO who runs one of the most professional and trustworthy accounting firms, Karla Dennis and Associates, Inc., believes that travel can be both for rejuvenation and business at the same time. Karla is an icon of inspiration for women, especially those who belong to the field of taxation or law, across the United States. Karla knows the intricacies of taxation and helps clients deal with tax-related issues. In fact, if you subscribe to her newsletter, you can get her “7 Secrets to Keeping More Money in Your Pocket” along with a complimentary 30-minute tax strategy session for just $397!

Karla believes that business owners need to know that travel expenses that are for business are one hundred percent deductible. She wants business owners to know that business travel is a write-off. Karla is an entrepreneur herself. She believes that travel offers us not only opportunities for expanding our business but also for relaxation and mental peace. Karla says that in order to make the most out of your business travels, you need to have a schedule for relaxation time during your travels. She says: “You can’t work 24 hours a day and be productive.” You can entertain yourself in any way you want. However, she says you need to remember that entertainment is not deductible.

As a business owner, Karla works all the time. Most of her travel is about business. Typically, she travels to speak at an event. Karla prefers arriving a day or two earlier at her location. During this downtime, she usually plans and does administrative work, sometimes even on the plane. In addition, she is always capturing…

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