AniMaze X To Release Highly Anticipated New Single “Strawberry Fields Forever” Worldwide on February 26th, 2021

AniMaze X are releasing their highly anticipated new single “Strawberry Fields Forever” worldwide on Friday, February 26th, 2021.

AniMaze X is a 3-dimensional avatar redefined. AniMaze X is a heavy metal band, also redefined, but with a twist. The illegitimate child of Alice Cooper and Mickey Mouse, AniMaze X is a creative, strategic, musical design inaugurated by members of D-Metal Stars/AniMetal USA. Their innovative focus concentrates on a wide variety of musical themes including superheroes, cartoons, Broadway musicals, and movie soundtracks showcasing live Metal performances with a theatrical style production.

As D-Metal Stars the factions debut album “Metal Disney” was first released on Walt Disney records to the Japanese market, and reached #3 on Amazon Japan Hard Rock/Metal Best Sellers chart as well as #2 on the Children’s chart. It was later released in the US and landed on Billboard, iTunes and Amazon charts.

The dazzling and vibrant members of the band consist of Michael Vescera on vocals, John Bruno on guitar, Rudy Sarzo, (Ozzy Osbourne) on bass, and BJ Zampa playing the drums.

The new single “Strawberry Fields Forever” is a metal cover version of the Beatles classic hit that was released in 1967, and peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

AniMaze X’s new single is being released by SohoJohnny’s Tribeca Records.

The official website for AniMaze X may be found at

Pre-Order your copy of “Strawberry Fields Forever” By Animaze X on iTunes today:

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